Silver Flex Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are a momentary contact switches being used in many applications today. The most common usage is on microwave ovens. Membrane switch control panel can integrate many SMT components and retain a thin profile. Flexible design options make membrane switches a smart choice for many. They can replace mechanical switches, save valuable PCB space, and are an easy one-piece, one-operation assembly. We are able to combine our knowledge of material, process and interface design to provide the best solution for your application. Our engineering team will work with your designers and engineers to develop a high quality, rugged membrane switch assembly.  

The membrane switch was originally developed to meet the industry’s need for inexpensive custom switches with flexible and low profile characteristics.  These switches today are being designed into companies’ products and used throughout all industries. 

The electrical engineer would define a membrane switch as a momentary switch, with at least one contact in the ON position.  Simple put,  an electrical switch used for turning on and off a circuit. 

A overlay is the top layer in a membrane switch design.  The overlay presents the product’s graphics and together with other supporting layers is a membrane switch assembly.

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•  Overlay material selection

•  Fully incorporated Touch Screen and LCD components.

• Fiber Optic/Electroluminescent/LED/LGF Backlighting.

• PCB Integration.

• N’capsulated keypads – polyurethane coatings.

• Integral surface-mounted LEDS/Embedded components Technologies

• Tactile and non-tactile keys

• Metal domes and polyester domes (mylar dome)

• Embossing  Keypads

• EMI/RFI/ESD/Aluminum foil/ITO film shielding

• Laminating

• Custom color matching/4 Color Process Screen Printing

• Adhesive backing

• Selectively textured surfaces

• UV hardcoating /Filter Windows

• Clear, colored, smoked windows and deadfronts

• Multiple Connector Options

• Fabricated Metal Subpanels

• Thru-hole circuitry

• High temperature polyester dome switch

• Crossthrough Technology (An environmentally safe alternative to Cross Overs)

Connector options

Female connector

Male connector

Solder connector

ZIF or non-ZIF 

Design for environment options:

• Sealed switches suitable for limiting or eliminating water ingress.

• High temperature switches suitable for temperatures of up to 105C.

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