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XYT ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED (XYT). was founded in August, 2006,is a high-tech company specialized in designing and producing membrane switches, Touch Screens(Touch Panel), Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC or flexible PCB), Graphic Overlays,Silicon Rubber Keypads,PCB(printed circuit board) Designs,Plastic Housings, Printed Labels, Decals , Aluminium Parts and more. By continuously importing the new equipments and improving the manufacturing technologies, our high quality products have been widely used in communications、industrial controls、medical equipments、automobile industry、instrument、instrumentation、fitness equipment、Appliances,Commercial Food、home appliances、sale terminals、alarm and monitoring controllers、Information Appliance, Internet Appliance, Remote Controller, Medical Device, Home Appliance, Handheld Device 、toys and military industry etc. At the same time, we keep up with the pace of the market, and try our best to develop the new products and technologies to meet customer's requirements.


XYT ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED (XYT). Covers 3000 sq.meters, 300 of which are in a dust-free environed. XYT has a total staff of over 200, all of whom received comprehensive training. Our current monthly production is around 400,000 sets, 95% of which are for overseas markets such as America, Europe and Australia etc.


XYT ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED (XYT).Quality system.We pass ISO9001:2008. Our products also pass CE,RoHS, ESD,UL certificate. About our making product flow,we make it according to ISO certify.our material always use the Autotype,3M,GE ETC.


XYT ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED (XYT). we always offer our customers high quality, Competitive Pricing and Fast Service, and response very well from us. We are sure you will convinced that we can supply what you need to ensure your meet or exceed your customers' requirements. If you’re interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Look forward to cooperating with you.


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