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Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches


Membrane switch is a conductive keypad with unique exterior designXYT offers both rigid and flexible membrane switch constructions. Thin and compact, they are resistant to moisture and dirt. Combine an Graphic overlay with the switch and you have a production run ready product.We offer full range designs for your membrane keyboard switch, such as circuit layout, graphic overlay  etc.


Membrane switch features:

  • Embossed or Non embossed Graphic Overlay (for tactile feel or Non-tactile feel  )  
  • Mylar dome and metal domes (for tactile feel) 
  • Shielding design: EMI, RFI and ESD shielding(Silver shielding, Carbon shielding, ITO shielding)
  • UV hardcoat flat key on surface
  • SMT components, such as LED and sensors 
  • Waterproof type(IP65).
  • Backlight design: EL  back light,  LED back light effect,  Light Guild Film (LGF or LGP)  back light, Fiber Optic Back light. 
  • Jumper wire and Through -hole type
  • Material of overlay: polyester or polycarbonate or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Any shape of key 
     Multi-color, reverse side printing 
  • Wide variety of textured overlays including matte gloss overlays
  • Transparent and abrasion resistant window 
  • Selective texture with choices of clear, translucent, velvet, and coloured display window.
  • Various switch connectors: Tail termination  Solder pin female pitch 2.54mm connector attachment.male pin .Any pitch of contact finger: 0.5mm,1mm,1.25,1.5mm.1.75mm, 5.08mm etc.(ZIF, Connectors or Solder Pin )
  • Circuit design : Mylar circuit, FPC circuit or PCB circuit.


Membrane switch Advantage:

  • Can be custom-made to your need.
  • Low cost.
  • Excellent sealing.
  • Easy installation.

We design customized membrane switches used in applications that are dependent on total integration and reliability. Our membrane switches serve many markets including medical, instrumentation, industrial controls and equipment etc.




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