Membrane Switch Digital Printing

Digital Printing Membrane Switches:


Membrane Switches are momentary switch devices in which at least one contact is on, or made of, a flexible substrate. Membrane switches are a reliable front panel solution where environmental concerns or frequent cleanings are an issue.


We offer full technical support from initial design concept through to full production or, alternatively we can build to print or reverse engineer from an existing product.


We utilise the latest equipment in our industry and manufacture in a clean, temperature controlled environment to ensure your products are manufactured  and built to the highest quality standard  from day one.


Each Membrane is unique and tailored to our customers requirements. Button sensitivity, non-flammable materials and the ability to operate in a wide range of environments are all key considerations.


Options Available

Membrane Keypads and Keyboards can be very simple in colour and construction or indeed highly complex, depending on the end application. Some typical options include;

  • Materials: Polyester and Polycarbonate are typically used
  • Adhesives: a full range of 3M and equivalent
  • Colours: Full range of Pantone, RAL, NCS, or colour match of your choice
  • Selective textures, anti-scratch and anti-glare finishes
  • Circuit design
  • Embedded components (typically LED¡¯s or resistors)
  • Embossing for buttons (typical pillow or rim)
  • ¡®Feel¡¯ of button ¨C Tactile or Non-Tactile
  • Gasket construction to prevent water ingress
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Membrane Keypad Switches with PCB assembly
  • Membrane Keypad Switches with keypad assembly
  • Membrane Keypad Switches mounted to metal backer (metal dome and polydome constructions)
  • Membrane Keypad Switches with micro motion and backlighting
  • Membrane Keypad Switches with plastic housing
  • Medical membrane switches
  • Switches with rigid & flexible substrates


Our Technical and Design Teams work in close harmony with our customers to achieve the very best solution.

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